Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected by the recent flooding in our beautiful state of Nebraska. There is no denying the destruction and devastation such natural disasters can cause. In light of the flooding, we wanted to dedicate and fill this blog post with resources that will help people who are needing information and a little guidance during this difficult time. So if you or someone you know have been affected by the recent flooding, please keep reading for relief resources that are available: 
*Official Nebraska Government Website* 
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
-NEMA hotline number for those affected by the flooding looking to seek answers to their questions: (402) 817-1551
-If you are looking for information regarding debris cleanup, please contact the Crisis Cleanup Hotline at (402) 556-2476
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Nebraska DHHS communicated that counseling and information services are available for those dealing with flooding:
-Nebraska Family Helpline: 1-888-866-8660
-Nebraska Rural Response Hotline: 1-800-464-0258
-Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration: 1-800-985-5990
What you can do to help those in need:
*Official Nebraska Government Website* 
*Official Nebraska Government Website* 
While we cannot always predict when flooding will occur, below we have listed a few steps to take before, during and after flooding to help families prepare for the future: 
-Be sure to take inventory of valuable items in your home
-Make sure to create a household emergency kit and an emergency plan that everyone is privy to 
-Have a copy of your contact information and insurance policy handy
-Be sure to avoid driving or walking through floodwaters, even if the water seems shallow
-To avoid fire, turn off your electricity and gas at the main switches
-Find higher ground or stay in the upper portion of your home
-Make sure to only return to your home when you have been given the ‘all clear’ by officials
-For drinking and food prep, always boil the water until authorities tell you otherwise
-At all costs, avoid downed power lines and standing water as it could be electrically charged and cause serious harm
-Grab your camera and snap pictures of the damaged items/property, and contact your agent as soon as you can