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We all know how stressful moving can be – packing your entire life into cardboard boxes, hauling everything away in a rented truck and, finally, attempting to make sense of all the chaos after the final box is unloaded. We get it. In an effort to alleviate some of that stress (and the overwhelming feeling of sheer panic at times), we have listed ten moving hacks below. We are sure they will aid in your moving process and help to keep things organized and running smoothly from start to finish. 

1. Our first hack for you is to hold a garage sale a couple weeks before you move in an effort to turn your unwanted items into cash. After all, you know what they say - one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

2. Second, you want to be sure to secure your important documents such as insurance papers, birth certificates, work documents and school records to ensure they do not get lost/misplaced in the shuffle. 

3. Our third tip is to not be afraid to ask for help from family, friends and neighbors at any point in the moving process. Whether it be organizing, cleaning or moving furniture, it is okay to ask for help if you are feeling overwhelmed or simply just want another set of hands around. 

4. The fourth hack we have for you is to collect and reuse old boxes for storage.

5. Our fifth hack is crucial if you want to avoid the anxiety of feeling things were left to the last minute. The tip is to begin the packing process at least four weeks before your scheduled move date. First start by boxing items that you don’t use often and leave your day-to-day items to be packed right before you move.

6. Meet your new best friend, stretch wrap! Stretch wrapping your drawers and cabinets is a great time saver as you don’t have to pack and unpack the items that are inside (you can thank us later!)

7. Our next hack is to make sure that you defrost your refrigerator at least a day prior to moving. This will ensure that water will not leak out and cause a large mess during your move. 

8. Our eighth hack may seem silly to some, but we promise it could make all the difference! During the move, try storing your jewelry in toilet paper rolls and/or egg cartons. Not only will it keep your valuables incognito and thief’s at bay, but the egg cartons will also allow you to keep your items from tangling. 

9. Next, when it comes to electronics, be sure to label your chargers and other items accordingly. This will help keep you organized, thus allowing you to find things quickly if you are in a hurry.

10. Finally, our tenth moving hack is to update your new address ASAP with places such as your banking institutions, work, insurance company, etc.

Things To Look For When Renting A Self-Storage Facility

by Nancy Heim-berg

We know moving can be stressful. However, it can prove to be especially stressful when you find yourself in a situation where you have to store your items in a self-storage facility. It may seem like one more thing to add to your seemingly never-ending to-do list. Whether you are looking to rent a self-storage facility to hold your belongings for a few weeks or a few months, there are a couple key items that you want to be sure to check off your list to ensure the safety of your items. And yes, as you may have guessed, that is where our blog is going to take us today! 

-The first thing you want to look at when it comes to self-storage is the safety of the facility itself. Does it have security gates around the property, surveillance cameras and/or a keypad code entry? You also want to be sure to use a heavy-duty lock on your particular unit to add an extra layer of protection for your items. 

-The next item to look at is the location of the facility. If there is an item you need to grab last minute, chances are you do not want to make a long commute to retrieve it. So ensuring that the facility is easy to get to is a big deal and a high priority for many people. 

-You always want to be sure to see if the units are climate-controlled or not. This is especially true if you have electronic items as they can be very sensitive to hot and cold weather. And while climate-controlled units tend to be more expensive, it may be worth the money to ensure that your belongings are well kept while they are not with you. 

-The next item you want to look into are the office hours. Are you only able to access your unit when the office is open? And if so, what are those hours and do they work with your schedule? 

-Lastly, you want to always make sure you look at reviews from other individuals who have rented units at that location. If the facility has an extremely poor rating with many bad reviews, it may be a good idea to stay clear of that one and find one that is more reliable and trustworthy. 

*On a side note, it is also important to compare pricing from different storage facilities. It may not behoove you to jump on the first one you see, as that one may end up being terribly overpriced in relation to other comparable facilities in the area.

Moving houses signifies a new chapter in your life. The end of memories in one address and the promise of newer and more beautiful ones in your new abode. And while this is a very exciting time, there is also the inevitable stress that accompanies the process – the main stressor being the moving process. If you found yourself nodding in agreeance to the previous sentence, this blog post is for you! We have put together a list of tips and tricks below to help make your move a little more stress-free, hopefully allowing you to enjoy the process and focus on the excitement of the new chapter ahead. Let’s dive right in!

The first tip we have for you is to start early. You may think that packing up your home may only take a day because, well, it’s just throwing items in boxes, right? Wrong. Even the most skilled and experienced packers find that the process always takes longer than they think. So we suggest you start packing up your home about two to three weeks prior to moving day. This will allow you to sort through your items in a thoughtful way by donating things that no longer serve you and throw away items that cannot be reused by someone else, ensuring that you are not hauling unnecessary items to your new home. We also recommend starting with packing items that you use least, such as books, china and holiday decorations. 

Our next tip is to have a system to help you stay organized. You want to be sure to mark (with a star or some sort of symbol of your choosing) the boxes that have the items you know you will need first, such as clothing, kitchen items, toiletries and towels. On that same note, if you are looking to save a little bit of money, try finding used moving boxes as opposed to purchasing new ones. Next, it is important to understand that just because the box is large, that does not mean that you have to fill it with a bunch of heavy items. Try using the larger boxes for lighter items to ensure that the box does not weigh a hundred pounds or break during the moving process, as that can be a huge burden and slow everything down.

When it comes to clothing, may people think you have to take the items off the hangers, fold the clothing, pack the clothing and pack the hangers separately. Not only does this take a lot of time initially, it also creates more work for you at your new home to hang everything back up. Instead, keep everything on the hangers, cover with a large trash bag, and put them in the back of your car for transport. It will save a lot of time – which is a hot commodity when moving! Our last piece of advice is to have a plan for moving day. Make sure that you have all your boxes labeled on both sides so you can always see what is contained in each, and have it all organized for the movers when they arrive. This will help to ensure a stress-free and more enjoyable moving day for everyone involved! 

Tips for Making Your Move Stress-Free

by Nancy Heim-berg

In last Sunday’s blog post we talked about some different questions to ask before you hire on a moving company to assist you and your family on moving day. Staying on that same topic, today we are going to be discussing a few tips and tricks to help make your moving day a little less stressful. Because let’s face it, no matter how organized you are or how many hands you have helping, moving day is bound to be met with a little anxiety, hassle and stress. And with over forty million American’s moving each year (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), we know this blog post can be useful to many people around the county.

Our first tip for you is to declutter the items you don’t need or don’t use by throwing them out or donating them. Moving is a great excuse to purge your home of things you don’t need and will also give you less items to unpack later. Second, group items together that you know you will want to put away in the same space, such as kitchen items or bathroom supplies. This will allow you to stay organized and make the unpacking process seamless. Next, if you are going to be putting items in storage we suggest using a clear tote so they are easy to find in the future and have a lesser chance of being damaged. Nothing is worse than looking for something in storage that is triple wrapped in newspaper and at the bottom of a cardboard box.

We understand the financial stress that can also accompany the moving process, so our next tip is to find friends and/or family members that are willing to help you move to help you save some money if a moving company is not in your budget. This can also be a fun way to spend some quality time with people that are closest to you. Our fifth tip is to use a different colored label for each room’s boxes to help keep you organized and avoid having to shuffle boxes after they are moved into your new home. And lastly, you want to be sure to keep all of your important items with you during the moving process. This includes things such as expensive jewelry, family heirlooms and moving paperwork that you need to access quickly and easily. 

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

by Nancy Heim-berg

We understand how exciting it can be once your house sells and the closing documents on your new one are signed, sealed and delivered. We also understand how the excitement of moving, paired with the closing of one chapter and the beginning of the next, can easily be overshadowed by the stress, anxiety and annoyance that comes with moving day. And for these reasons, many homeowners choose to hire on a moving company so they can do all the heavy lifting for them, and it also allows the homeowner to keep a closer eye on the organization and schedule of the day. And since these companies literally do this all the time, movers are typically faster, more efficient and usually stronger than the average person, which is why what would normally take you and your family a span of several days to move, they can do within one day’s time. Is it worth the money? We absolutely think so!

But while hiring on movers can make your life a whole lot easier, you also want to make sure that your personal belongings are in good hands and therefore you do not just want to hire any company. A mediocre moving company runs a higher risk of breaking irreplaceable heirlooms, scratching furniture or damaging your delicate items. With that being said, the rest of this blog is dedicated to a few important questions to ask any moving company you are thinking of hiring. The first question you should ask is if the company has any references or a link to reviews of their business. This really applies to anyone you are looking to hire, as you want to make sure they are not only a legit company, but also that they are trustworthy and people have had good experiences with them.

Next, and one of the most important questions, you will want to ask if they will draw up an inventory of the items in your home that you are moving. It is important to understand that while moving ca be expensive, it is also one of the easiest ways to loose something because there are so many moving parts. You want a company that will create an organized and detailed list of the items from your home to ensure that they will arrive to your new home and that nothing is lost or left behind in the process. You will also want to ask if the company will do an in-home estimate so you can understand the breakdown of what the job will cost you, and you will want to make sure to get it in writing. This is a great way to compare the pricing of different companies to not only get the best deal, but to also ensure that it is in line with your budget.

Along those same lines, you will want to ask the moving company what specific services they offer. Prior to calling any company, make sure that you take inventory of exactly what you are needing and wanting the company to move so they can provide you with exact answers. Some companies will only come in to pack and lift smaller items and will not move larger items such as air hockey tables or a grand piano. So making sure that the company can provide all the services you are looking for prior to moving day is key. Lastly, it is very important to ask the company what happens if something is damaged in the moving process. Let’s face it, we are all human. Mistakes happen. Understanding what the company’s policy is for broken or damaged items, as well as if they offer optional coverage packages, is very important to understand prior to anyone touching your personal belongings.

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