For years the trendy area around downtown Omaha has been driving redevelopment efforts, drawing new businesses and residents to the area. Recently, the residential side of that development has been gaining momentum and helping to rebuild the aging neighborhoods extending past the downtown area with a younger and diverse population. For example, the 10th and 13th Streets corridors, neighborhoods known to be rooted in ethnic identity, are being transformed and developed to attract a newer population. One developer in Omaha is working towards building a batch of row houses in the area that are set to be priced around $300,000, and BlueStone Development is planning a housing community with over 200 new rental units slightly further south on the corridor. Also, just north of William Street, is the recently built Clarity’s South Hill Rowhouses of which go for between $245,000 and $405,000. The development company is so confident in the continued revival of the area that they are making plans to keep building with a similar batch of residences that will be three-stories with garages, complete with a rooftop deck. There was also a $10,000 public art grant allotted to help perk up the alleyways in hopes of reducing crime in the area. There are numerous restaurants, office buildings, banks and retail shops popping up, bringing new life and incredible commerce to the redevelopment efforts. So be sure to keep an eye on the areas surrounding downtown Omaha as it may be the next best place you call home!