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Market Fluctuations

by Nancy Heim-berg

Buyers and sellers alike tend to have lots of questions when it comes to real estate market fluctuations. Any real estate market will always have times of high and low activity, and fluctuations are not usually a cause for concern. Here is what buyers and sellers should know about fluctuations in the real estate market so that they can plan their actions accordingly.

Information for Buyers

Buyers should know that a drop in home prices is often due to a healthy leveling of activity. As a result, connecting with a real estate agent is the best way to get an overall picture as to the health of the local market. An agent can compare recently-sold properties to those on the market to help buyers know whether they are getting a good deal.

Real estate agents can be an invaluable source of information when it comes to finding the best deals in a given area. Buyers should become pre-qualified in order to determine how much house they can reasonably afford. After that, speaking with a real estate agent will put them on the right path to finding their dream home.

Information for Sellers

Sellers are often tempted to drop their asking price whenever there are market fluctuations. They should consider a number of things before deciding to do so. One of the biggest things that will determine whether or not a home's price should be dropped is its condition. Home that are in top condition tend to fetch more money no matter what the market is like. Even so, an overpriced home is likely to stay on the market, as buyers these days are very savvy when it comes to knowing when a seller is asking too much.

Homeowners may have to compete with local builders when it comes to selling their home if there is a great deal of construction going on in a given area. This is another reason why it is important to consult with a Realtor® to determine if a home is appropriately priced.

Home prices tend to rise and fall based on the law of supply and demand, and market fluctuations are not cause for alarm. Working with a Realtor® is the best way for buyers and sellers to both come out on the winning end of a deal, regardless of the current market situation.

Home Inspections

by Nancy Heim-berg

One thing that is extremely important when buying a home is an inspection. Home inspections help buyers uncover potential problems so they know up front what condition a home is in. Having a formal inspection helps with the negotiation process, as it identifies structural defects that need addressing.

Most buyers are only in a home for around 15 minutes while viewing it. That simply isn't enough time to fully assess the condition of it. In addition, many buyers do not know how to check certain components such as the electrical and HVAC systems. As a result, they are forced to rely on the seller for information that may or may not be accurate.

Housing inspectors typically work from a checklist in order to ensure they don't miss anything. Even so, buyers should know that there is no standard checklist within the industry. As such, they should ask what is included in home inspections to ensure their completeness. Some of the things a home inspection should include are

  • Roofs
  • Attics
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Floors
  • Windows

Buyers should know that nearly every home will have some sort of issue listed in an inspection report. This does not necessarily mean the house is not a good value; instead, they should consider the overall condition and asking price in order to make a determination.

Some people ask friends or relatives to perform a home inspection in an effort to save money; however, this type of inspection may prove unreliable. Instead, individuals should choose an inspector who is licensed by the National Association of Home Inspectors to ensure they are thorough and adhere to a code of ethics.

Sellers could benefit tremendously from having home inspections performed before showing their property. In doing so, they will already know whether there are problems present that need taken care of before listing. They will also appear transparent and trustworthy to potential buyers, which could just make them comfortable enough to make an offer regardless of any problems.

Top Kitchen Remodel Projects

by Nancy Heim-berg

Kitchen remodeling is always high on the list of projects that provide an excellent return on investment. The top kitchen remodel projects will not only make this room look extraordinary, but will increase the functionality of it as well.

A professional-grade range is listed as one of the top features people desire in a kitchen, even among those that do not cook often. The type of range most people prefer is one that contains features such as a griddle or grill space along with double ovens. While people like the functionality of a chef's stove, they also prefer appliances that are eco-friendly. As such, one that contains special features and also uses less energy could score double points.

Certain other appliances also top the list of must-have features for a kitchen remodel. More people than ever are adding convention ovens and wine coolers than ever before. Stainless steel continues to be a popular choice for all appliances, regardless of their size or function.

Granite is still a popular choice for countertops; however, quartz and marble are also increasing in popularity. Regardless of the material used for a countertop, consumers cannot go wrong with a tile backsplash. The reason for its popularity is that it allows for a splash of color without detracting from the overall look of the kitchen.

The top kitchen remodel projects also involve new flooring. Recent surveys by Houzz show that most people prefer hardwood to other flooring options. Tile in its various forms is also an excellent option, being the second most popular choice behind hardwood. Linoleum and concrete are two of the least-favorite options, which means that homeowners who choose these materials could have difficulty selling their property as a result.

White and gray are two popular color choices when it comes to decorating kitchens. White cabinets have always been in style, and continue to attract people from all walks of life. For a somewhat different look, homeowners could add gray panels or accents to provide visual interest while still maintain a timeless and classic look.

The top kitchen remodel projects will increase a kitchen's appearance as well as its functionality. Even small changes can go a long way toward improving the look of what is a very vital room in any home.

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