Being prepared for natural disasters is of importance, particularly floods if you live in place where they are common. Although you may not want to think about the possibility of a flood occurring, taking a proactive stance and preparing will benefit you. Not only will you have greater peace of mind, you will be able to recover from a flood more quickly when one occurs.

Safety Preparedness

Make sure that you have a minimum three days of food and water per person. Plan for a gallon of water per day/person and non-perishable foods. Store a can opener with the food. You need at least one flashlight, along with batteries as well. A well stocked first aid kit and sanitation items such as toilet paper and feminine care items are essential to preparedness.

If you have pets of small children, make sure that you have their needs adequately covered. Diapers and formula are vital for the health of babies and toddlers. Pets require food, carriers and other essentials such as medications and identification. Do not forget to include water for them.

Keep your preparedness kit in an accessible place and discuss a safety plan with the entire family. Have a set meeting place and a backup in case of separation. Include blankets for everyone, and additional clothing, including socks and waterproof shoes.

Protecting Your Home

While land in a floodplain may be more affordable, it is not good to build on one unless you take proper precautions, such as elevating your home. No matter your location, install check valves in your drainage system. This will keep flood water from using your drains to access your home.

Additionally, make certain your electrical panel, water heater and other essential electrical systems are adequately elevated to reduce the risk of damage. Reinforce your basement with waterproofing and proper sealants to minimize flood damage.

Obtain Flood Insurance

These policies provide compensation for damage to your home and personal goods. Talk to your insurance agent about the level of protection your family will require to ensure you can get back on your feet quickly after a flood.

With proper preparation, you will feel more in control when a disaster strikes. These tips are essential to being prepared for a flood in your area.