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Top DIY Mistakes made by homeowners

by Nancy Heim-berg

Though you think DIY is more economical, it mostly takes double the time and three times the money, as there are a number of mistakes that homeowners make while doing it themselves. We shall familiarize you with some of the top DIY mistakes so you can stay clear of them.

DIY Mistakes made by Homeowners

  • Not obtaining permits: By not getting the required permits, you hinder progress. Your work will be on hold till you obtain the permits. Therefore, knowing what permits are required before beginning the job is imperative.
  • Having improper tools and supplies: When taking up a DIY project, know what tools are needed. You may think you have all the right tools, but then realize otherwise. So buy quality tools and ensure that they are all at hand. Everyone loves to save on materials, but don’t be cheap. Do the job once, but do it right. By using quality material, you will prevent future damage. 
  • Inadequate preparation on the jobsite: At the site, you need to make sure you know where to place the materials while at the same time, have ease of access to all that you need. When you are not prepared, the jobsite can become a disaster zone. Thinking nothing can go wrong, is a mistake. Safety goggles, hard hats are a must when using power tools. Avoid loose clothes as they can get caught in the machinery. Use gloves when handling wood, metal and other sharp objects. 
  • Improper preparation for painting: Improper preparation will leave you with spills, drips, runs and more. Clean your walls, fill up the holes and use painter’s tape for objects you don’t want to get paint on. It’s also important to know what paints to use. A flat paint would not work in a kid’s room. Eggshell or satin finishes are good for interior walls. A linseed oil-based stain works well for decks. 
  • Inaccuracy: A book or television show is not accurate enough to guide you through the DIY project. Without prior knowledge, you’ll make inaccurate decisions that will cost you. Tag along with someone who is good at this stuff or take workshops before beginning.
  • Working beyond your limits: Some feel they can build a house all by themselves in a week. This is working beyond your scope. Thinking you have what all it takes will not help. It will just get you injured. When things seem to fall apart every time you try, take a hint. This doesn’t mean you have failed; it just means you have more to learn before starting.

By avoiding these mistakes, your DIY project can be successful. So be mindful and take care when embarking on a DIY project at home.

Top Things to look for in a home

by Nancy Heim-berg

Buying your own home has never been more difficult, and that’s only because you have so many options to choose from. Whether you are a first-time buyer or just looking for a new investment, knowing what you want in a home is essential to making the right decision. Look for these amenities before you commit to one particular home can prevent you from making a mistake.

1 - Pay close attention to the condition of kitchen appliances.

Ensures that the appliances have been cared for and are in good shape by opening the refrigerator and oven, ensuring that each appliance works.

2 - Inspect the home’s outdoor areas.

Unfortunately, many of those outdoor areas go unnoticed. Check out the gutters, downspouts and roof before you make the final decision, especially if the home is older.

3 - Get a feel for the neighborhood.

The house itself must be comfortable and welcoming, but the safety and location of the neighborhood is essential too. It is always smart to research local schools, travel time to work and the location of nearby shops.

4 - Know the quality of the floors.

Floors differ from home to home, and there is no doubt that carpet is not the same across the board. Vinyl floors and cheap carpet may require replacement faster than tile or wood.

5 - Check for structural damage.

The ceiling is one of the best places to begin your search for potential structural damage to the home. Water spots are the window for learning about leaks and cracks, as are drywall cracks.

Obviously, there are quite a few things you want to look for in a new home. For the time being, these factors should always be in the forefront of your mind.

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