If you are thinking of installing a fence around your yard, or replacing an existing fence, then you are in the right place. Today we are going to be talking about the pros and cons surrounding this topic, and hopefully at the end you will have a better feel if this decision is right for you and your family. Whether it be wood, vinyl or wrought iron, a fence is a major part of the functionality and aesthetic of your property and can be a large and expensive project to take on. But there are also many perks that come with installing one in your yard, which we know to be true as there are many beautiful fenced properties around Omaha, NE. Let’s dive right in! 

Pros to fencing your yard:

-One upside to fencing your yard is privacy, as it will reduce any outside disturbances to you and your family. Additionally, it will limit the amount of noise transfer from your home to your neighbors during outdoor parties or while making memories in the backyard.

-On that same note, if you live near a busy street you can try installing an eight-foot-high solid fence to reduce the noise from the area. If using the right product, you can potentially reduce noise by up to five percent depending on the elevation, height of the fence and noise frequencies. 

-Having a fence around your property is a great way to not only keep people and unwanted wandering critters out, but also keep your kids and pets in. Win-win! 

-From a design standpoint, a fence that is well built and constructed can definitely add to your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. A well-known example of this would be a white picket fence, as it is able to add a charming look to the home and define property boundaries at the same time. 

Cons to fencing your yard: 

-The most obvious con to building a fence in your yard is cost. Whether you are thinking of fencing your whole property, or just part, it will not be a cheap project. As you could image, the price can vary depending on things such as labor, materials, length, etc., but to give you an idea a wooden privacy fence averages about $17 to $23 per linear foot. You can do the math on that!

-Second, if you are thinking of fencing your yard you have to take into account the maintenance of the fence itself, as they can begin deteriorating over time. This is especially true with wood fences which can begin to warp and rot over time. To avoid this, make sure to pencil in the occasional sealing, cleaning, staining and/or painting on your to-do list!